[Update]The full text of the appeal

Due to the unreasonable judgment by Facebook administer to KikyuS, and ignore our appeal. We decide to publish our appeal for explanation purpose and hopefully get an attention from the public and also the authority of Facebook administer.
Open letter to Facebook:http://www.kikyus.com/2018/02/open-letter-to-facebook.html


The full text of the appeal

Dear Facebook,

Kikyus is a fan page that wish to help introducing and encouraging more creativity in online community. We hate click bait and we believe that is just a misunderstanding based on the bi-language system that we're using on our page, and also the algorithm system that only categorizes us base on pure numbers of the same link that occur on our page.

We understand that may lead to the confusion, but we literally sharing our links in the most honest way as possible, and maybe also the most boring way that you can find on Facebook pages.

Just want to make sure we're on the same page in the definition of the word "click bait", which is the link with eye-catching headlines or picture which sometimes is fake or irrelevant with the content, and also exploit the "curiosity gap," providing just enough information to make readers curious about the content of the links.

And, we're pretty much doing opposite of that. We're doing in the log form as the picture showed in link below:






Here are all the posts sources and more interesting content sorted by KikyuS for you today!

Preview:"Skeleton bike "


Our link is just a date of the post, as showed on the screenshot the link address is basically"post-on-180130.html" which is post on year 2018, January 30th, it's nothing eye-catching and the photo is basically just a snapshot from our site:
Which I think I'm save to say the snapshot is nothing click-baiting, because that's just a normal picture of the website.

I also wish to mention here, our ads and content is clear enough to easliy differentiate
So there are no people miss clicking and misleading by the advertisement and content. And I don't think that just because we put the advertisement there, make us click bait.

So, there is pretty much just a log with some tweet or video we found interesting outside Facebook and wanted to share it with Facebook friends.

And we don't even title it as "these photos get fourteen thousand likes let's check it up!" then upload a picture that are partially blocked, to get the attention and curiosity.

We know that will be effective and earn more clicks, but we don't do it, because we hate click bait.

Our post is easy, nothing psychological trick, we're just basically saying, "here is all the sources we want to share with you guys today, and here is one of the preview."

We even satisfy their curiosity by pointing out directly what we want to share today, and not hiding a part of it to lure people.

For this example, we directly point out here is a cool skeleton bike, and down there is the picture of it.

Instead of the curiosity, I believe that they click the link just to make sure they don't miss any post we want to share at that day, because they know that not all of our post will show on their Facebook feed; Or they just want to support the content owner that we share that day.

For most of the post, we share the same link in it, so it maybe lead to the reason that algorithm think we're click-baiting. But as you can see from the picture below that's not the main reason for the clicks and the word we writing above it is just basically what is in the website, the link directly bring the user to the post id, and as mentioned before, the ads and the content is different enough to not confuse and miss lead the user.


It got twenty-six share but not even half of our four shared skeleton bike for links clicking which used as the example before.

So, I don't think that's a click-baiting even though the word "more interesting post"(更多有趣的帖子), may sound like. If you insist this is the click-baiting part, we're willing to remove it from now on.

The intention of gathering the quality contents and put it into a systematic well-arranged way in our website, are for helping the original content uploader to get more attention and let our fans have more easy access to the content creator.

We're just helping to introduce and encourage more creativity in online community, which help promoting music composer like Heiakim Music, indie creator like Narrator and Storia who making a great content online using their creativity and talent but some time failed to get the attention to media.
and by that, blocking us is not making any better in term of social well-being.

Just to mention about some link that I think should be no problem, but anyway:
1.) The posted links like these:

is usually news article that along with the photo or solid information from the reliable publisher.

2.)The posted links like these:
Are a personal analysis or review of a movie, animate, novel, manga or an ongoing event, it all is valid and straight to the point with the topic. We write whatever things on the topic, we discuss whatever in details.

3.) The posted links like these:
is basically just a book list that predicted will come out in next month which clearly stated as the format"2017年11月預定出書表" which is the year, the month and the list of the book that predicted will be published.

4.) The posted links like these:
Written clearly music Monday in the title and the post, and the title is directly the song that in it, so, should be nothing click-baiting.

I'm sure there is nothing misleading and click-baiting in these kinds of posts when using single language, but the bi-language system maybe confuses some fans in non-Chinese language or people that are not familiar with either Chinese or English.

Because of different expectation from these post, so It created the misunderstanding in this issues.

So, in summary, I believe that is just a misunderstanding result from bi-language system and algorithm system. We're just trying to promote the photographers, videographers, artists, content creators, indie developer, small publisher to get more attention that they deserved, and yet we're been block by the reason of "click-baiting", while we are doing literally opposite of it.

Hopefully, we can create a better online community together, thank you.


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